EU: CEC should work without interference, certification of candidates is determined by law

EU: CEC should work without interference, certification of candidates is determined by law

The European Union Office in Kosovo says there should be no interference in the work of independent institutions and the judiciary in terms of decisions taken on the early parliamentary elections expected to be held on 14 February.

This reaction from the EU Office, came after the statement of the chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Valdete Daka, who said that she feels threatened by certain candidates for MPs, regarding the decision that will be taken for them regarding the elections of February.

The spokesperson of the EU Office in Prishtina, Dinka Zivalj, in a statement for the Insajderi Online Media, said that ” it is important that independent institutions and the relevant judicial bodies are able to conduct their work without interference.”.

According to her, the best way to react the candidates who are dissatisfied with the decisions taken in these elections is the opportunity to appeal.

” Pre-electoral procedures, including on the certification of candidates, are still ongoing. These procedures are defined by law and include possibilities for appeal. “, says Zivalj.

The EU spokeswoman further said that she expects the institutions of Kosovo to ensure the organization of credible, comprehensive and transparent elections, conducted in accordance with international standards.

The chairwoman of the CEC, Valdete Daka, in a press conference held today, said that she is feeling threatened by some political parties, whose candidates are unable to participate in the national elections.

Daka says that the decision on the impossibility of participating in these elections was taken by the Constitutional Court, while the CEC only implements the laws.

“To all the candidates who yesterday saw themselves in the list of the Kosovo Judicial Council as persons who do not meet the criteria to be certified as a candidate for MPs, I will say only two words, in short, in Albanian and clearly: It is the law and the judgment of the Constitutional Court that prevents their candidacy and not me. I did not write the Law on General Elections, nor did I vote for it. I did not even write Article 29 of this law. I have not even written the letter Q of this article, which prevents the candidacy of a person who has been found guilty of a criminal offense by a final court decision in the last 3 years”, she said.

“Any person who thinks he is being treated unfairly, will be able to complain to institutions such as the ECAP or the Supreme Court. We will implement their decisions. ”

“I call on everyone to refrain from threats and accusations and to respect the decisions, and to allow us to do our job based on the law and the Constitution,” Daka said.

The Kosovo Judicial Council has verified the list of 1081 candidates for MPs for the February 14 elections.

This list has been submitted to the Central Election Commission and according to the CEC, 47 candidates have been found guilty of a criminal offense by a final court decision in the last three years.

One of the candidates for deputy who has been found guilty of a criminal offense by a final decision of the Court is the VV candidate for prime minister, Albin Kurti.

But the non-certification of Kurti to run for MP is being opposed by members of the Self-Determination Movement.

Glauk Konjufca last night in an interview on ‘RTV Dukagjini’ stated that Valdete Daka is against the holder of the Self-Determination list, Albin Kurti.

“The person who is influencing the CEC is that the request was suggestive and against Albin Kurti is Valdete Daka. They are not implementing anything (CEC), they want political elimination “, declared Konjufca, a statement that was followed by Daka’s reaction.

Whereas, Kurti – who is one of the deputies who will not be able to run in the elections, on Thursday declared about his non-certification by the Central Election Commission for the February 14 elections, for which Kurti says that the entity he leads and has submitted the list and it is the LVV list.

“We have submitted our list as requested and that is our list. A year ago, the former ambassador Grenell was in Kosovo, for a dinner with the former President, but it is last year, I think that the state institutions should be updated, in the new circumstances where we are on the eve of the February 14 elections, “These elections have aroused an unprecedented enthusiasm for mass participation of citizens”, declared Kurti.

He said that he is the holder of the list that strictly respects the Constitution and the laws of the country.

“I am a list holder who strictly respects the Constitution and the laws that protect the rights of all of us,” Kurti said.

He made these statements near the grave of President Ibrahim Rugova, where together with the acting President, Vjosa Osmani, paid homage on the 15th anniversary of the death of the historic president. /