Zemaj: We have received confirmation from Pfizer for the provision of vaccines

Zemaj: We have received confirmation from Pfizer for the provision of vaccines

The Ministry of Health of Kosovo announced that they have received the confirmation from the American pharmaceutics company Pfizer, for the provision of 535 thousand vaccines against Coronavirus, reports the Insajderi.

Via a press communication, this institution states that they have signed with the namely company a confidential agreement concerning the vaccines and all the details are being for providing the vaccines are developing under the terms of this agreement.

“Except the vaccines from Pfizer as it was announced this week, 600,000 vaccines were provided from the state of Austria, while 720,000 other doses will be accepted free of charge from COVAX mechanism”.

The very first vaccines against COVID-19 that will arrive in Kosovo in February in order to begin vaccination the priority groups and then the opportunity for vaccination will be given to all citizens in accordance to the Immunization Plan for COVID-19, developed by the National Institute of Public Health, which will be approved by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo”, it is stated by the Health Ministry.

Further, from the MH it is confirmed that the Government of Kosovo shared 40 million euros for the provision of the vaccines and fulfilling other needs in the fight against COVID-19 and the citizens will be vaccinated without any cost.

This reaction of the Ministry of Health comes after it was reported that the Pfizer Company denied the mutual agreement for anti-COVID’19 vaccines. /Insajderi.com