Four deaths and 774 new cases of COVID-19 in Kosovo

Four deaths and 774 new cases of COVID-19 in Kosovo

Four people have lost their lives within the last 24 hours in Kosovo, as a result of infection with Coronavirus, reports Insajderi.

This was announced in the daily announcement of the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, which states that another 774 new cases have been positive with COVID-19.

New cases of infection were recorded from a total of three thousand 586 samples taken for testing.

In the last 24 hours, 903 patients have been cured while the total number of cured to date is a total of 73,318 cases, while the number of active cases is 13,593.

The total number of positive cases is 88,755 cases out of 418,488 people suspected of being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and 1,844 deaths.

“Positive cases are from the municipalities: Prishtina 274 cases, Gjilan 62 cases, Gjakova 43 cases, Mitrovica 38 cases, Vushtrri 36 cases, Peja 31 cases, Prizren 30 cases, Lipjan 28 cases, Ferizaj 27 cases, Podujeva 26 cases, Kamenica 25 cases , Viti 24 cases, Fushë-Kosovë 23 cases, Obiliq 21 cases, Klina 16 cases, Drenas 11 cases, Kaçanik 10 cases, Malisheva 10 cases, Suhareka 9 cases, Deçan 8 cases, Novobërdë 4 cases, Skenderaj 4 cases, Junik 3 cases , Istog 2 cases, Kllokot 2 cases, Rahovec 2 cases, Shtime 2 cases, Shtërpcë 2 cases and Hani i Elezit 1 case ”, it is stated in the notification of NIPHK. /